How To Get Designer Shoes For Less Than $1

How To Get Designer Shoes For Less Than $1

There has been one fatal causality to the “more is more” world we are living in now and that is quality.

As consumers, we have been conned into thinking that “it’s better value” to buy the cheapest product. But, what is it really costing us?

We all know the cliché’ “a poor man buys twice, buy well buy once” etc etc. But what does “buying cheap” actually cost us in real life!

When we are talking fashion, and shoes in particular let’s look at the numbers.

We all have that $80 “cheap” pair that we have impulse bought that maybe will last a season.

That’s if they don’t rip our feet apart and if they stay together long enough to make it through one season.

So, for the sake of argument let’s say they do and you love them and you wear them once a week every week for 6 months. Then, they are trashed and you chuck them and go looking for next “bargain” $80 divided by 26 wears (1 per week for 6 months) is $3.07 per wear.

Now…. Let’s say you invest in a quality pair of shoes. $300 is what you’re looking at for old fashioned quality these days. OMG I hear you say….$300 are you kidding me??? Hold on sister….. I’m about to rock your world.

Now, a great pair of quality shoes should last you 6 years (at least but let’s keep it simple). Same wear, you love them, they fit beautifully and your feet are comfortable every time you wear them (and so they should be…. You just spent $300 on them).

Wearing them the exact same amount of time (once per week) is 312 wears over the 6 years $300 divided by 312 wears is (drum roll please….) $0.96 per wear!

So what does that mean?

Well, the $80 cheap pair is actually 320% MORE expensive!

Not to mention, you just spent $960 on cheap footwear over the same time period as a great quality pair.😱

Sound totally nuts right? In a time where cost of living is on everyone’s lips and people are “watching their pennies” do you really have the money to be buying cheap?

Do yourself a favour next time you’re shopping and apply the “dollar per wear” factor. Not only will you save a bundle but your feet will thank you for it.

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Happy shopping sisters!

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